Friday, August 21, 2009


I don't think I've EVER talked about Brendan's job... except maybe to explain that he's a computer dork :). The time has come. Our family is excited this week over the news that where Rib works was purchased by... MySpace

It's been a fascinating process, and I think the guys are looking forward to a site with oogles of users, and their wheels are turning with ideas for how to make MySpace even better. MySpace Music and iLike combined should be a really cool, powerful force for artists and fans alike. The two together hold the largest volume of users. Thankfully, they aren't a Wal-Mart - high volume/low quality. Anyone who has spent time on knows that.

I remember when I first heard about MySpace- I thought, "wow, that sounds distracting and uneccessary." Of course, I eventually joined the masses ;). Who knew that one day I'd be eating thanks to a MySpace paycheck!

We're just counting our blessings out here on our upper-left corner, as usual.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A better post

HERE. Our friend and Auntie, Lola, wrote a much cuter post than I would have about the baby shower for Blythe held at my house last weekend, so just read hers :). I had 25 people in my living room and loved it. The next day we had 35 people in our back yard for the Robbins' Fare-welcome party, and we also loved that.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Screen Time

An interesting set of findings regarding "screen time"

Just as I suspected, it's more of an indicator rather than a cause for all the terrors attributed to television and excessive gaming. Although, it does only take one-two hours of screen time before the positive correlations with negative things (obesity, etc.) begin to appear. Of course, we didn't need the Mayo Clinic to spend money to tell us "everything in moderation."