Monday, June 30, 2008

Holding Pattern

It appears that Spud and I are in a holding pattern. Spud is still super far down, and I'm still only as physically progressed as I've been for the last week and a half or so. That means: we can all calm down a bit! Although he still could come any day, Spud's appearance of possible early arrival seems to be slowed. I must say that I was slightly disappointed because the last couple weeks really got me excited about meeting him soon. But, I'm fine. I expected him to be late, so he really is still perfectly on schedule in my book!

All that said, he'll be here when he's here, and I promise: you'll all know!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week 39 Update

No Spudkins yet, but that's alright! He's not due for another week. I actually sort of got a break this week, especially the latter part of it, from all my contracting. Really, it was nice to get a rest. Feeling contractions 24/7 (even though they're quite mild) was becoming a little tiring! Also the suspense was killing me - "Is this it? Maybe this is really it this time! Oh... nope"

I feel like Spud is doing very well. He's feeling bigger, and he's still a wiggler. He responds to my touch in somewhat predictable ways, so I already feel like we've established some communicative connection. I push on his rear - he kicks my other hand with his left leg. I rub on his back - he rolls his elbow around if I stop. He also is really feeling FAR DOWN! Seriously, I'm up once an hour every night; a two hour stretch feels like a luxuriously long sleep.

So, we continue our "any minute" anticipation, and we still think it's fun :). Although, our pleading with Spud to get out here and see us is becoming more earnest by the day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's Something Weird

I'm cutting a tooth!!! Yeah, a tooth. I'm 25! (well, will be July 12th) I assume it's a wisdom tooth, though I was told by my dentist during high school that, according to my x-rays, I had no wisdom teeth. Of course, only a jerk like me would attribute something like having no wisdom teeth to my personal credit, but I've always liked to considered myself a more advanced genetic version of human for my lack of 4 extra, worthless teeth that many people have to have removed! Alas, I am now getting a tooth! Brendan now has two reasons to explain my emotional behavior: "Oh, don't mind her. She's pregnant, AND she's teething!"

Friday, June 20, 2008


Here is the belly close-up for week 38. I prefer to not have face in the pics these days!!! Yes, I know I'm not "fat," just pregnant. And, oh, yes, it's wonderful to grow for your baby. However, I used to be a professional ballet dancer and am therefore handicapped! I don't believe this is true all the time, but for now, I'm just saying: Everything's Relative! I promise: I'm not fishing for "you look great!" comments, so please don't feel like they're required :) I just can't not talk about what's on my mind!

Now for my title explanation-
Every morning we wake up, and I ask Spud, "When do you think your birthday is?" Then, he responds with various Morse code kicks and wiggles, "ETA: undetermined at this time."

The when-will-it-happen anxiety is universal, I think, among pregnant women in their last few weeks. I didn't think I'd be feeling this way, though. I expected Spud to be late because I was about 3 weeks late, but then all this excitement started with my contractions and physical progress. At this point, Spud is at station -1; my midwife said that's as low as he'll get before labor really starts. I won the "best cervix of the day" pronouncement at my last appointment much to Brendan's and my firstborn-overachiever delight. :) Also, I've had "false" labor 3 times now! All through Mark's graduation last night, I was having consistent, slightly painful contractions, and I must confess that really got my hopes up. I actually enjoy the false labor because I know that my body is getting work done even if it's not quite ready for the big show. They're like little dress rehearsals. So, we continue to eagerly await Spud's big performance, and I'm really trying to not be obsessed with every little contraction.

Here's how I DON'T feel: ACKK! Get this baby out of me! I'm sick of being pregnant! So, that's good. I'm not dying for it to be over. I just keep getting teased by my overactive uterus, and I'm SO excited to finally have Spuddy Buddy here so that I can start loving on him in new ways! I know, though, that God's timing truly is best, and I don't want anything but his will.

We are ridiculously (at least materially) prepared. My projects are complete; the house is super-clean (thanks to little, crazy nesting fits); and if I read one more book, I'll just be too darn educated about birth. Therefore, I am now fighting boredom, hence this long post :). Thank God for this sunny day- surely I can kill some time outside!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Shower!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pics from the highlights of another busy week. I think that, one way or another, I got to play hostess every day last week. I love doing that, so that made me happy. I definitely do get more tired than I formerly did; but after being cooped up alone for all those weeks of back pain, it was WAY worth it!

These are some attempts at a little photo shoot on Thursday night when some of my favorite people under 3ft came over for dinner with their moms. We had a fun time- especially the guinea pigs (or as some say, the "gimme" pigs) who got extra treats!

(a little something to remember as you look at these pictures: I'm 37 weeks pregnant!)

Alright, now for baby shower pictures! We had a great time, and it was just my kind of party: laid back, lots of excellent food, great crowd, no awkward make-me-cry-too-much moments :). This whole year of pregnancy adventure has been emotional enough, so I really enjoyed just having a fun, happy, chill celebration. Everyone was so generous to me and Spud, and we got quite the mound of fantastic, practical gifts. I'm not taking a thing back! Really!!!

Kariokra, Aunt Patty, Auntie Kistamine, GG, and Lola

I'm sure I'm not supposed to say things like this, but I have to admit that that robot shirt was probably my favorite thing! I mean, Spud's dad is a computer dork, so I have to love that sort of thing even more!
Opening Kari's present was the one moment that almost did make me cry b/c she wrote a sweet note, and I've known her longer than anyone else in Seattle. I'm so glad she's still around to share in all these little milestones. Above: me looking at Karioke as she explains the significance of her gift of favorite books of her childhoood

Liam and Lola. Having 2 baby boys there made me even more excited about Spuddy Buddy!

My lovely hostesses: Hannah, Christy, and Caroline. Caroline especially did a great job of hosting the other little girls who joined us :)

Hooray for nipple protectors and a lifetime supply of nursing pads (I received more than are pictured here)! Such wise friends I have :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Dad and Brendan! I have been blessed to have nothing but excellent daddy's in my and Spudkins lives. Brendan's now been through two Father's Days with no baby on the outside to snuggle. Next year! Hopefully, today Spud will be extra kick-y (though, I can't really imagine that at this point!), and Brendan will get to feel them all :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Just thought I should quickly toss it up that I have been more or less WALKING NORMALLY for a day and a half or so! I'm pretty sure that Spud dropped some more, so maybe that's helping. I also have been good about resting, practicing my yoga, warm baths, and going to physical therapy. My old standby remedies have done me well :). Of course, I'm sure that the #1 reason that I'm feeling better is that God wants me to feel better! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Diapers and Crafts

The above picture pretty much sums up my feelings about baby products over the last week. They make me crazy! We did finally decide to try gDiapers, so that felt good to conclude. I bought a pkg of disposables for the first couple weeks in case he's too small for the g's. I am excited about the g's, though. I can put disposable pads or cloth in them. Last night Brendan joined me in my new favorite (DORKY) game: diaper practice on Spud's friends.
This is Brendan practicing

A clean elephant is a happy elephant :)

Well, Mom, maybe this photo explains why Chuckanucka looks the way he does... too much torture!

Elephant: "Are you as embarrassed as I am?"
Chuckanucka: "At least they don't put your arms and legs inside!"

In other news...Rib in one of his new bike-tops I got him for his birthday

My belly at 36 weeks :) This photo surprised me! I didn't realize I looked that large!

Finally, these are pictures of one of the little throw pillows I made for Spudkin. This two-sided one goes in the rocking chair. The other is all green for the bed.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Job, Little Spudkin!

We had a very exciting check-up yesterday. Spud is in an excellent position with his head at pelvic station -2. We also learned that my frequent, but irregular, little contractions are getting a little work done! I'm already getting some early labor finished. So, with things progressing well, we went out last night to get a few babe-essentials. That was fun, though slightly overwhelming. Walking into Babies-r-Us, Brendan said, "This must be how the baby feels when it finally gets out- so much to take in."

I'm not getting my hopes up for an earlier arrival or anything, but I am glad to see that things are starting to move along :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Weekend

Well, once a gain things were busy :). However, I'm learning to do a bit better at letting people help me and trying to sit as much as possible. At least, I think I am; Brendan may have a different opinion!

Thursday night we had a little birthday party for Rib with our parish group and a few extra friends. He's the whopping old age of 24 now. I did not take pictures... lame of me :(. We had a good time, though, with lots of food and loud conversation. I haven't recovered from my party paranoia that was developed at the old apartment. I think that around here a little extra volume is acceptable. The people beneath us seem like musicians which is a good sign. I didn't write a birthday post for Brendan. I figure that will be a practice for Meadors only. After all, I say nice things on here about Rib all the time! Like this: he gets better all the time, and I'm amazed at how attentive and willing to help and love on me he's been lately :). Happy Birthday, Rib! Glad you were born... and so is Spud!

Here are pictures of the finished apartment!

Our room...
Spud's crib...
Spud's room...
(The white throw pillows are just pillow forms that I'm going to cover in green flannel to match Spuddy's crib)

My cutey little breakfast nook...
(that FINALLY got finished after a return trip to Ikea to purchase the correct length of leg for the table... I was brain dead by the end of that first trip, and, of course, that leg was the only thing that I retrieved on my own w/out Brendan's double-check)

Living room...
The "Library" aka: the other end of the living room that Rib is using as office and I will use as craft space. Notice our ergonomic yoga ball office chair

Saturday brought our last birthing class about breastfeeding and infant care. I was EXHAUSTED and hurting during it, but it still was really fun. It helped me to finally make a choice about what to try for my diaper plan. I also got even more excited about how wonderful and cool breastfeeding is. God is wise. We spent the afternoon prepping at the Ribera's for Laura's very merry un-50th-birthday. Her birthday is September 1st, so the start of school is always eclipsing her opportunity to party. So, we did it in May instead. The party was a hit, I thought. I overdid it a bit, though I swear I tried to not!

Naturally, Saturday night I got almost no sleep thanks to my pain and was pretty miserable on Sunday. I also was super weepy. I was frustrated with myself because I was being so blubbery, but I know- my hormones are out of control! The pain is sometimes enough to make me cry, but I was really a mess. Finally, it occurred to me that it was June 1st- the day I found out last year at SeaTac while picking up my mom that I was definitely miscarrying Speck. So, once again, my little soul knew that there was something to cry about before my brain registered the occasion. That realization actually brought some joy because I'm so glad that this year I have a practically full-term baby in my belly... even if I can hardly walk. I'll take this over the pain of losing a baby ANYTIME! Of course, I did have some sadness about Speckie, but it was ok. I then took a pretty good nap. At church last night, some folks gathered about and prayed for my sciatica after Pastor Kelly anointed me with oil. That led to me feeling more peaceful about it all. Meanwhile, I'm still hurting, but my soul feels like I've had a recharge to keep dealing with it. So, that's good, and I'm thankful.