Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's EYE-vo :). Ezzie agrees.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, my little SON sufficiently flashed us this morning :). We are VERY excited to be having another boy. A girl would have been great too, but the more I think about it the more thrilled I am to have a house of sons. It's not what I EVER would have expected, but God has a tendency to do what He wills rather than what I daydreamed about as a kid!

We decided to name this one right away. I want Ezra to start getting used to the idea of his brother. He already can point to my belly when I ask where Baby Snap is. It's weirding him out to now start hearing the baby's name, so I think that's evidence in support of our decision. Better get him used to it now.

His name is Ivo Wright. That's the first and middle. We are actually in flux about how we will settle on the pronunciation... we may pronounce the first name EE-vo, although I do like saying EYE-vo. I flip on it A LOT. The middle name is our attempt at giving all our natural children a "Wr" start to their middle names. It's a shout-out to the Meador side as Ezra is named after his Poppy and Great-Grandaddy, Wray.

Here's the WHY on "Ivo:"

1. I like it
2. I read a book with a character by that name, so I got used to it
3. It sounds so cute with Ezra... "Ezzie and Ivo, time to eat!"
4. I sold Brendan on it :)
5. *The Real Reason* it's a keeper:
"Ivo" (pronounced either way) comes from Yew, a kind of tree. Apparantly arrows were made from the wood of the Yew tree, so many sources interpret "Ivo" as a trade-name (like Baker, Miller, etc.) for archers. That makes it a botanical name, which I love, and provides a lovely Biblical connection to Psalm 127:3-5

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are sons born in one's youth.
Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame when they contend
with their enemies in the gate.

As I wrote to Ivo today in my book of letters to my unborn, I hope that he never has enemies to contend with except Satan, and I pray that he and his brother will not be put to shame when they are challenged by the Evil One but will, by God's grace, live in pursuit of grateful faith and righteousness.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

August?! Last post was August?!?!

I didn't know I'd been THAT bad, but apparently I have been. Oh well, I can see that being the case, actually. August is when my anemia got bad. Oh yeah, because I'm pregnant... in case I hadn't shared that in this forum yet. I'm 19 weeks, and we'll find out the sex of the baby (and if it's healthy etc... but, don't people just really want to know what it is?) at an undisclosed time next week... you'll hear when you hear :).

Anyway, I've seriously been to exhausted to do anything but sleep when Ezra is sleeping, and the kid is just WAY too rock-n-roll for me to get anything done but drum shows, coloring, water-play, YouTube watching, etc. Every now and then I can squeeze in an indulgence for myself like a trip to the grocery store or cleaning something. Today I managed to have some of Ez's and my friends over AND clean the bathroom. I'm so pumped off of FINALLY cleaning the bathroom that I have just enough energy to bang out this post before going to my nap.

I'm so tired these days. Ezra has been sleeping great for the most part, and I'm just managing to get over my hyper-alert phase of worry that he's going to fall out of his new big boy bed. Of course, he just fell out at 4am this morning for the first time. He handled it like a champ, but after all the excitement it took him over an hour to get back to sleep. Naturally, he still felt ready to wake up at the regular time of 6:30am. Sadly, that's when we discovered the dried blood on his face and pillow. Source of blood could not be pinpointed, so it must not have hurt that bad - he barely cried! ANYWAY, I'm tired, though, because of this other sweet little human I'm incubating. S/he is a kicker and apparently it is also a iron-rich blood sucking vampire. Just kidding, but my iron levels have sucked, and, BOY, do I feel it. Dancing my whole first trimester probably didn't help either. Oh, and, I just learned at my appt. yesterday that, despite being about halfway done with this pregnancy (crazy!), I've gained a whopping... wait for it... ONE POUND! Yeah, so Snap is sucking my life force, and I'm not replacing it quickly enough. I have a prescription for one bowl of ice cream a day :)... except that I don't really like ice cream... but, cheesecake is another story.

To recap the last 3 months, here are some quotes:

"Happy Anniversary! I'm pregnant!"

*** I'm drawing a complete blank on anything that happened in September... except for our friends buying a house :) ***

"Hi Carla!"- when Carla and Ben came to visit from Austin
"Wow- so that was Pt. Townsend... huh"- also when Ben and Carla came
"Can you watch Ezra while he throws his plockie at you? I have to use the bathroom again."- when I had stomach flu for a week in Texas with my family w/out Brendan but w/ a eye-teething child doing his best audition antics for "Supernanny"
"I'll never do that again" after flying with Ezra*
"He was great on the plane" after flying with Ezra*

"I'm on my way to Ikea to buy Ezra a toddler bed. This wasn't supposed to happen this soon, right?" -to my mother
"Oh Hi... AGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when my best friend showed up on my doorstep to see my dance show and stay with us for a week
"I never thought this would happen again" - in happy tears after my show
"I like St. Louis"
"Sorry Ez threw-up in your papasan chair" in Louisville with my sister for Thanksgiving
Nurse:"well we're not picking up any contractions." Me: "yep- neither am I!"- in L&D at some hospital in Louisville after going to the ER for severe abdominal pain... I had to CONVINCE them that I was not in labor... of course, they didn't believe me. I'm thankful they checked on Snap, but they sent me home with a diagnosis (made over the phone by a doctor who had never seen, touched, or spoken to me) of round ligament pain. BS. We're now pretty sure that I had some kind of ovarian cyst that finally burst. Maybe doc wouldv'e thought of that if he'd taken any sort of history on me.
"I'm never doing that again"- after flying with Ezra*
"Do we HAVE to get a Christmas tree"-me
"I LOVE our Christmas tree!!!"-me

This is the quote of the month so far, and I'm pretty sure it's top of my list of "Things I Never Thought I'd Say," right up there with "don't use your chopstick on the laptop"

"No, that's not a tail; that's your penis" to Ezra in the bathtub after a long discussion of who has tails and who doesn't

*Ezra is typically a gem on the plane. BUT, I cannot apparently handle the 30 minutes when he's not. I actually was throwing stuff on the floor and crying. Huh, pregnant much?