Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Gotta Tell Ya

This is too funny.

When I was 18, I got to go on tour with Pacific Northwest Ballet down to the Hollywood Bowl to perform as one of Hyppolyta's hounds in the ballet version of Midsummer Night's Dream. IT WAS GREAT! Even though my 5 friends and I had a silly part in the show, we thought we were living the dream. We got more per diem than we knew what to do with. Most of us ate about 10 bucks worth of food a day usually (for poverty reasons... not anorexic ones), but they gave us $80! $80 a day is ridiculous. And we stayed in a FANCY (by our standards) hotel right at Hollywood and Highline. Coolio was outside the lobby on the phone, and all the season 1 American Idol finalists were staying there. Some reported seeing Paula Abdul.

Anyway, one highlight for us was that Julie Andrews came to our show. Yes, THE Julie Andrews. We mobbed her as she went out the performers exit through our side stage area, and our one silly friend, being very cool, shrieked at her, "You were Mary Poppins!" Super Smooth. Anyway, Ms. Andrews let us have our picture taken with her, and it made our fantasy of a trip complete. Here is that famous photo:

That's me on your right, Julie's left :)

Who took the picture for us? Well, she was in a group of people, and one guy looked sort of familiar, but we were too dazzled by Mary Poppins to care. So, we threw our disposable cameras at him, and he kindly obliged us. He gave very good direction...

Because he was GARRY MARSHALL!!! I just realized last night as I watched a movie he directed. Perhaps you've heard of some of his other films... like PRETTY WOMAN! So, my degrees of separation to practically everyone who works in movies or tv just got down to ONE. My favorite of his connections: Dick Van Dyke, to whom, if I'd met him, I would have screamed, "You're Burt from Mary Poppins!"

Monday, June 7, 2010


Ezra is out at the "Mobal Bains" (trns: Barnes and Noble Trains) with Grandma Laura, and Ivo is sleeping peacefully in the Moses basket (despite a cold... oh, poor second child). So, dear reader, I'm posting photos!!!

First, a few words about Segundo:
We think he's awesome. He's a very mellow baby. He slept in the sling today through Ezra's toddler music class at Gymboree. All the mommies were shocked :). He sleeps ok; he wakes a lot but is really good about going right back to sleep when I tuck him in next to me after he eats. He eats like a CHAMP; I have more milk than I know what to do with, and I thank God for it EVERY DAY!!! So different than last time! Ivo has already come so beautifully through some owies and illness, and I can see that he (at least at almost 4 wks...) is WAY more like Brendan personality-wise. That's great! I love Brendan's personality (although it often mystifies me b/c we are SO different). I can't wait to see if Ez and Ivo have similar difficulties relating to each other... but that's getting ahead of ourselves. Right now he's just a great baby; Ezra is a good, nice brother; and we are tired but extremely happy parents.

Couple little things about Ez: more hilarious by the day, clever as all get-out, compassionate and emotionally perceptive... oh, and SUPER NAUGHTY sometimes :). He has just started in the last week to get jealous about Ivo needing me all the time (to eat), and he insists that I carry him every chance I get. So, that's all normal and understandable, but if you're gonna pray for us about something, that'd be my request.


That's my MOTHER... not my sister :)

This is the look I have on my face in almost all the pictures...

Poppy and his two boys :). This makes me so happy, and I can't wait to get to TEXAS!

All GQ in his Aunt Pants onesie. First shirt he ever wore :)

First check-up. We were sad that Leslie was on vacation...

belly smiles